Classic Wardrobe

Fineline’s Sliding Door System will create additional space for your classic wardrobe. Outdated hinged doors should be replaced with a sleek and stylish Sliding Door System. Our Classic Wardrobes are available in a variety of materials and designs to compliment the interior style of the room. 


If you want your Classic Wardrobe to have a unique, customised design then Fineline will happily assist. Our sliding door systems incorporate panels that can be manufactured using a combination of materials.  You can choose a combination of mirror, wood grain melamine, veneers or decor glass. 

Decor Doors

Our Decor Doors incorporate panels of exquisite decor glass in the colour of your choice. This glass can also be incorporated in a variety of shapes from long rectangular panels to squares or rectangles, framed by wood veneer or aluminium.  

Melamine Doors

If you are looking for a simple and sophisticated style for your sliding doors then we recommend incorporating panels of melamine. The melamine panels are sturdy and durable and available in a variety of different wood grain finishes. These panels can also be painted in a colour that compliments the room’s interior decor.  

Mirror Doors

If you want to make your room look and feel more spacious then Mirror Doors do just that. The instalation of mirror panels in on your wardrobe’s sliding doors will instantly increase the appearance of the room’s volume. The mirror panels can be frameless or framed in a wood or aluminium border.

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