How to Improve your Wardrobe

At Fineline we specialise in stylish storage solutions and know just what to do in order to improve the layout and organisation of your cluttered closet. Below are a few tips on how to improve the layout of your wardrobe.


melamine_combo[1]First and foremost, Fineline recommends sliding doors to improve the access to your wardrobe. Sliding doors are a sleek and stylish addition to room and do not occupy the space that traditional swing doors take up in your bedroom. Sliding doors also allow additional light to be cast into your wardrobe without being darkened by the shadow of swing doors. We custom design, manufacture and install sliding doors to update the style and functionality of your wardrobe.    





Organisation:internal organiser

The easiest way to organise your wardrobe is to compartmentalise your items of clothing and accessories. By creating a set layout, it will be easier for you to maintain the organisation of your wardrobe. Fineline manufactures and installs Traditional Internal Organisers that are customised to suit your specific requirements. This will ensure that all of your clothing items have an allocated place in your wardrobe. This will help maintain order and prevent you from placing items randomly in your wardrobe rather than in their assigned compartment.


Colour code:

colour coded wardrobeColour coding is a popular trend in wardrobe organisation. It makes specific items of clothing easy to locate and is aesthetically appealing. It can be immensely satisfying knowing exactly where a particular item should be placed in your wardrobe and will help keep your closet uncluttered.







If you are looking to upgrade and organise your wardrobe then contact the specialists at Fineline. We will manufacture, fabricate and install customised sliding doors and internal organisers to optimise the organisation of your wardrobe. Contact Fineline today to create your dream wardrobe. 


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