Interior Design Tips for Children’s rooms

The minds of children are truly fascinating; children have this incredible ability to transport themselves to distant lands where fairies and ogres are best friends.  Children can traverse the universe without leaving their rooms; that is the power a child’s imagination. The decor of the child’s room can add so much more to the adventure; below are ways in which you can help to develop your children’s imagination.

Let the walls tell a story

Kiddies WallsPerhaps your child loves the jungle book, maybe they are intrigued by the mystery of the universe or fascinated by the moon and the stars; whatever it is that excites your little ones, it is possible to take them there by being creative with the painting on their walls. Using bright colours and incorporating shadows will definitely add to the magic. You can even install sliding doors that lead to their bathroom; you can also paint fun images on the sliding doors. 

Make their wardrobes come to life

Kiddies StorageIt’s a great idea to install fitted wardrobes in your child’s room. Consider leaving the rails open so that your child can view the different colours of their cute clothes. Fineline has Traditional Internal Organisers that are perfect for your children’s rooms. They are designed to optimise the space in your child’s room and will definitely help you create a magical wonderland. 







Make organising fun

study_unit1Your child’s room can be both fun and organised. Instead of having toys scattered on the floor, creating a hazard, it is a good idea to display your children’s toys on a wall unit. The toys will be on display for your children to see and your kids can have fun arranging their toys on the shelves. The wall units can also be used for your children’s favourite books.







There are so many ways in which you can transform your child’s room into a wonder emporium. Fineline is a family-owned business that has skilled personnel who are trained to manufacture and install high-quality products. Fineline has over 30 years’ experience and are thus able to customise installations for your child’s room. Contact us today and let the adventure begin!

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