Interior Home Installations

If you are looking to update your home or workplace interior then Fineline has the solution. Fineline specialise in the custom design, manufacturing, fabrication and installation of Sliding Doors, Internal Organisers and Wall Display Units. These installations can revitalise the space in your home without the disruption of a full interior renovation. Our design systems can transform your interior, providing smart storage solutions and stylish, space-enhancing sliding doors.

Sliding Doors

dualine doorsFineline offers a range of Sliding Doors for wardrobes, en suite bathrooms and room dividers. Sliding doors are a sleek and stylish alternative to traditional swing doors. Not only does their design save space but the doors incorporate your choice of mirror, decor glass, wood grain melamine, veneers, or sandblasted glass to create the perfect complement to your home interior.     




Internal Organisers


If you want to reorganise your wardrobe and cupboards Fineline offers the perfect solution. Our Traditional Internal Organisers are custom designed to optimise the available space in your wardrobe and cupboards. Eradicate the clutter with a customised Internal Organiser that is designed to your exact specification and storage requirements.  


Wall Display Units

white_study_unit[1]These are a great addition to your office, bedroom or living area. Fineline will assemble your wall display unit your specific requirements, ensuring your TV, computer, books and files each have an allocated space. The components of your unit can be infinitely adjusted in height and position. Our Wall Display Units can incorporate multiple-level shelves and storage drawers. The units combine aluminium with your choice of glass, veneers or melamine.




Each of these customised installations can have a dramatic effect on your home’s interior. Upgrade and organise your interior with Fineline’s stylish sliding doors and storage solutions. Contact us today for a quote.


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