Fineline from its inception has exclusively used safety backing film on its Mirror Panels that meets international safety specifications.


Fineline is the first and only Mirror Door manufacturer in South Africa to have had its products tested and compliant with :

SANS 1263-1 : 2006 Edition 3
Safety and security glazing materials for buildingsPart 1: Safety performance of glazing materials under human impact
SANS 1263-1 : 2006 Edition 3, Requires Breakage characteristics, Human impact test, Boil test and Weather test (3000hours of exposure to UV) to ensure durability and strength over an extended period of time.

One Piece Safety Backing.

Fineline NEVER JOINS their safety backing film thus ensuring that no penetration can occur at the potential weakness in the join.


Dualine sliding doors top and bottom wheels are under tension from a heavy duty spring in the top mechanism, thus reducing the risk of a door derailing from the tracks.

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