Door Mechanisms

Fineline Dualine Sliding Doors have top and bottom roller mechanisms:

Bottom mechanisms carry the weight of the doors on roller ball bearing wheels which have been cycle tested to ANSI/BHMA A156.14-2002 American National Standard for Sliding Door hardware, carrying a mass of 50Kg. for 100,000cycles.

Bottom mechanisms have provision for 10mm vertical adjustment to take care of out of square openings.

An anti-jump device is an integral part of the top wheel housing assembly which is a high tension spring, placing downward and upward force on the bottom and top wheels thus reducing the risk of the door derailing.

The top safety roller is non weight bearing, ensuring that the ceiling and top header supports do not sag under load. Further the top mechanism automatically adjusts to allow out of level openings thus preventing the doors from jamming.

Tracking System

The New Low Profile Bottom Track has been designed to allow it to be fitted into walk- through thresholds without risk of tripping and to avoid recessing into the floor.

The Top Track allows the Top Safety Roller to slide freely without jamming or derailing.

Aluminium Extrusions.

The Aluminium components used to manufacture Dualine doors are extrusions using 6063 alloy which is Anodised and available only in the following:

  • Natural anodised

All Dualine doors are not lockable

Should you have any questions or technical queries please feel free to contact us.

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