The Evolution of Interior Design

From the 1950s to the present day, the interior design industry has seen so many changes; it has evolved into more than just moving furniture around; it has become an art.  Let’s take a look at interior design through the ages.




Interior design is the art of planning the design of a space, like your office or home, and placing furniture and other elements of decor in that space; it is the art of creating an environment that best reflects your brand, personality and style. 


Decades of Interior Design


Interior Design_1950sThe 1950s saw an increase in the wealth of many families; this meant that individuals had the means to indulge in the finer things in life; modernism was the theme of the day, and so were bright colours – Everyone wanted to reflect the changing of the time. 







Interior Design_1970sOn the 19th of December 1970, the first landing on another planet, Venus, took place; it is no wonder then, that the style of the 70s was influenced by the Space Age; pod chairs became a feature in many homes. The 1970s also saw the birth of DIY projects. Additionally, there was a preference for rustic furniture.






Interior Design_2000sThe millennium came with the advancement of technology. Televisions moved from only being regarded as sources of entertainment, to being seen as key elements of design; plasma televisions were made to be elegant and stylish, to fit into the decor of the home. In this period, simplicity started becoming a feature of interior design. 






Interior Design_2010sThis period saw an increase in the creativity of homeowners; this period was about creating a space that was reflective of the individual.
The recession also influenced interior design in this period; individuals started finding economical ways of decorating their homes; hence the rise of minimalism and built-in storage.





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