Top 5 Interior Design Trends

The great thing about decorating your home is that it is an opportunity for you to be creative and to express yourself.  Since it is YOUR home, you have carte blanche to use whatever colours you wish, and you can decide which motifs to incorporate into the decor of your home. If you feel that the slate is too clean and you are having a bit of a creative block, perhaps these interior design trends will inspire your inner Nate Berkus.

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Your home is a blank canvas upon which you can paint whatever you please; while this can be an exciting challenging, it can also be quite overwhelming and frustrating. To help you through the process of deciding which design direction to take, we have put together a list of five interior design trends. 


1. Minimalism: Simplicity can be very appealing; it is an interesting challenge because you have to capture the eye without using too many elements. This Scandinavian-inspired trend involves the incorporation of geometric shapes, light wood, marble and metal. 

2.Mixed metallics: It has become very popular to incorporate bronze, gold, copper and brass into the design of your lounge, dining room or kitchen; these elements add a sense of comfort and warmth to the home. 


Wallpaper_Fineline3. Wallpaper: Wallpaper is a great alternative to painting your walls; you can do a lot more with wallpaper than you can with paint, and it is more alluring. 







beech_walk_in1_Fineline4. Simple storage solutions: When it comes to storage, the most important thing is maximising space; gone are the days of wardrobes that take up a lot of space. Homeowners are now embracing built-in wardrobes and walk-in closets






5. A  vintage aesthetic: It has now become popular to incorporate vintage elements into contemporary interior design. Vintage bathtubs have become common elements to incorporate into modern bathrooms. 

Vintage Bathtub


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