Understanding Melamine

Wood has been around for over a century and has gained popularity as the go-to material for decor and design products. The disadvantage of wood, however, is that it will burn a hole in your pocket; but fear not, Melamine is just as great; it is an inexpensive alternative to natural wood finishes.

Fineline Melamine Colours

Melamine is a manufactured type of plywood; it is used to make anything from kitchen cabinets to bedroom wardrobes and shelves. This material is composed of resin-soaked paper sheets and particleboards. 


Benefits of Melamine

Melamine is popular in the world of cabinetry; it is appreciated by carpenters and consumers alike.

The following benefits are associated with melamine:

  • Affordability: Get the look and feel of natural wood without the cost.
  • Durability: The hardened resin in the melamine makes it strong and impenetrable. 
  • Versatility: Melamine can be used in any colour and for a myriad of designs, thereby providing homeowners and designers with many choices.
  • The surface can be easily cleaned.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Melamine offers the visual appeal of natural wood, and it can be easily incorporated into the interior design of your home.


Wood Grain Melamine


Melamine is ideal for doors, shelves and built-in wardrobes. Fineline offers wardrobes and sliding doors that have been manufactured from the finest quality of melamine; we offer white and wood grained melamine. For our traditional organisers, we offer a wide range of melamine colours that can be easily incorporated into the look and feel of your home or office. 

The following are examples of the melamine colours we have on offer:

  • Burnt Oak Alpine
  • Beech Alpine
  • Balsa Alpine
  • Memphis Cherry Alpine
  • Windsor Grey Alpine


If you are looking for a reliable designer and manufacturer of the high-quality wardrobes, look no further than Fineline; we are a family-owned business that understands the importance of having quality furniture in your home.

Contact us today for further information on our products and services; we are waiting to assist you.


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